Our Vision

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Creating an app is still a complex project. We've all heard about IA creating apps automatically. But in practice, most apps are still created with a classic development process. And this is time-consuming, expensive, difficult to maintain and it requires high-skilled developers.

At Serenytics, we believe the best option to create most apps is a NoCode / LowCode platform. NoCode features allow anyone without dev skills to create apps. If you need an app with forms, charts, buttons that trigger actions, some navigation, some emails sent with PDF report: a NoCode user can do that with Serenytics.

But sometimes, you need a very custom behavior or algorithm, and that cannot be done in NoCode. This is a strong limitation of pure NoCode platform. They are usually very satisfying at first, but disappointing when you need real production-ready apps. You often hit a wall.

In Serenytics, when you need this type of custom behavior, you can use the LowCode features: the ability to inject small parts of code, as short, simple and isolated as possible. And for this type of code, asking some help to an IA such as ChatGPT is usually working very well. So this can be done by some with basic knowledge of Python or HTML, able to read and fix simple pieces of code. You don't need a full-stack developer.