Our Vision

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In today's software market, competition is often fierce and the bar is very high. Why would a prospect choose your product if a competitor has better 'core business' features and better dashboards?

If you choose to develop everything in-house, your team will have to divide its time between defining, developing, improving, testing and maintaining numerous features... The result is often average core business features, because your team has had to spend a lot of time on dashboards, with performance, filtering and robustness problems arising; and also average dashboards, because the team hasn't had enough time to develop everything. On top of this, your customers will regularly ask for changes to be made to the dashboards. And by increasing the size of your code base, you naturally increase your technical debt and inertia.

The problem is not the quality of your teams, but the size of the development scope versus the size of the team. But in the end, it's not easy to convince your prospect if everything is average.

Our vision is that you need to specialise. Concentrate on your core business, where your added value lies, and use external components for the rest, like Serenytics for analytics.

That's why we created Serenytics. An easy-to-use platform for creating dashboards and integrating them into your app. But it's also a platform that's highly configurable when you need it, with powerful, modern methods (CSS, JSON, REST APIs, Jinja-style templates, etc.). Your team's project manager will be able to create most dashboards easily. If you have advanced requirements, a developer in your team will be in familiar territory and will be very efficient at customising a dashboard.