Vision and mission

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Our vision

With the ever-increasing use of new technologies, the amount of digital data available to businesses has exploded in recent years around the world.

At the same time, the skill requirements for exploiting this heterogeneous data make it necessary to have a good command of statistics, self-learning algorithmic methods, computer science, programming, and the management of computer and data projects.

When business teams need to set up dashboards within their company, they usually have to rely on their company's technical teams, even though they have full control over their needs. In this case, a data-engineer sets up a technical stack with a datawarehouse, an ETL, a scheduler. He configures a Cloud solution (AWS, Google or Microsoft) and maintains it. He often has to execute custom scripts in addition. For the creation of dashboards, he is a Data-Analyst who uses a Dataviz tool. All this requires a very advanced technical level, a complete team and therefore a large budget.

In the vast majority of cases, a single, easy-to-use platform can perfectly meet the need and reduce costs and the size of the team, while allowing the person close to the business to set up the dashboards independently and without any technical knowledge. But all-in-one solutions often have the flaw of being too closed and non-configurable, and therefore very limited.

Serenytics was designed by engineers to answer this problem. They thought the solution to be simple but extensible thanks to modern technologies (REST API, integrated Python, Low-Code HTML to create widgets).

Our mission

At Serenytics we believe that data manipulation should be democratized and accessible to all.

Our mission is to simplify data analysis and visualization for non-technical teams.

We have developed a No-code integrated data analysis platform that allows, without any technical knowledge, to easily create and visualize interactive and customized dashboards from data coming from several different sources, which can then be directly integrated into existing business applications. As we do not want a closed platform, in case of custom needs, Serenytics is extensible thanks to low-code, to make advanced realizations simply and quickly.

What we offer is a simple, fast and inexpensive approach to analytics through easy-to-use APIs and an intuitive user interface.