Add beautiful dashboards to your products.
Simple to use so anyone in your team (or your customers) can create dashboards.
Dashboards are transparently and securely embedded within your app,
or shared to your customers in a white-label platform (e.g.
Customizable for advanced needs with our Low-Code engine.
You want to create dashboards for your internal needs. Check our dedicated pricing and start by creating your free account.
They build dashboards with Serenytics for their customers
All the features you need to create your dashboards.
  • Connect your data (SQL, API, files...).
  • Combine components to create dashboards (charts, filters, buttons, PDF generation, XLS exports, navigation, emailing...) without a line of code.
  • Schedule jobs to run regular tasks (sync data, pre-load cache...).
  • Add Low-Code and use our Jinja-like templates every time you need a highly customized or advanced behavior (Javascript/HTML/CSS or Python) so you are never blocked.
  • Configure our cache engine so your dashboards appear immediatly to your customers.
Why choosing Serenytics?
  • Serenytics is really simple to use so anyone can create dashboards. Create your free account, watch our tutorials and test our platform to be convinced.
  • Components are highly customizable. For example, you can add formulas between columns in table compute year-to-year growth, add conditional formatting...
  • Serenytics comes with a task scheduler to automate all your jobs. You don't need to setup an external tool such as Make or Zapier.
  • Serenytics comes with a datawarehouse to store intermediate dataset. So you don't need to setup and manage yourself a datawarehouse and an external ETL pipeline for the dashboards.
  • We're a small team close to our customers. You have our phone number.
  • With the Low-code features (coupled with our formula engine), you are sure you will never be blocked by the platform. For example, your can create your own library of cards to reuse in several dashboards.