data platform.
Create all your data apps (dashboards, forms, data edition, backends) in a few clicks. Automate all your tasks (data processing, emails, alerts, Python code).
Using NoCode in most cases,
or with LowCode for very custom needs.
You're a software editor? We have special offers to use Serenytics for your customers. For example, you can transparently embed dashboards within your app. Know more.
They build apps with Serenytics
All the features you need to create many types of apps.
  • Connect your data (SQL, API, files...).
  • Combine components to create apps (buttons, charts, PDF generation, XLS exports, navigation, emailing...) without a line of code.
  • Add forms and store data within the Serenytics platform.
  • Schedule jobs to run regular tasks.
  • Add Low-Code every time you need a highly customized or advanced behavior (in Python or Javascript/HTML/CSS) so you are never blocked.
Why choosing Serenytics?
  • Serenytics is really simple to use. Create your free account and test our platform to be convinced.
  • Serenytics' tables are powerful. You can compute formulas between columns, add conditional formatting, like in Excel.
  • Serenytics comes with a task scheduler to automate all your jobs. You don't need to setup an external tool such as Make or Zapier.
  • Serenytics comes with a datawarehouse to store results of your forms or the outputs of your data processing tasks. So you don't need to setup and manage yourself a datawarehouse.
  • We're a small team close to our customers. You have our phone number.
  • With the Low-code features (coupled with our formula engine), you are sure you will never be blocked by the platform.