Create apps for your customers without hiring developers
Serenytics is a NoCode/LowCode platform to create any type of app (e.g. dashboards, backends, issues trackers, custom PDF generators...) without writing a line of code. Created apps can be shared as standalone apps or transparently embedded within your main app, in the Cloud or On-Prem.
They build apps with Serenytics
All the features you need to create many types of apps.
  • Connect your data (SQL, API, files...).
  • Combine components to create apps (buttons, charts, PDF generation, XLS exports, navigation, emailing...) without a line of code.
  • Add forms and store data within the Serenytics platform.
  • Schedule jobs to run regular tasks.
  • Add Low-Code every time you need a highly customized or advanced behavior (in Python or Javascript/HTML/CSS) so you are never blocked.
What are the benefits for you?
  • When one of your customer needs an app related to your solution, you will be able to build it in days. Your customers will love that.
  • You increase your stickiness: the more your customers have apps in your environment, the more it will be difficult for them to leave.
  • When a lead evaluates your solution, having a NoCode platform integrated with your solution can be a game-changer to convince him against competitors.
  • That's an additional flow of revenue (you're free to price it the way you want).
  • You don't need to hire developers to create those additional apps.
  • A user without coding skills will be able to deliver many apps. If you need Low-Code features, you don't need a full-stack dev, a junior developer is sufficient.
What are the benefits for your customers?
  • The time to build an app in NoCode/LowCode is much shorter than with a classic development project.
  • The cost is also much lower.
  • The technical skills to develop or lead the project are a lot lower. Your customer can stay focused on its business.
  • The failure risk is lower. The NoCode/LowCode features are already integrated with your platform. There will be no painful issue to access the data.
  • There is no need to find a third party to create the app.
Crafted for solution providers.
  • Choose the deployment that fits your needs, from our multi-tenant cloud to your on-prem server.
  • Access our tickets management system to signal the features you'd love to have in the platform. You're in direct contact with our engineers and PM so we enhance the platform for you.
  • Choose the auth mechanisms for your needs (from public apps to SSO).
  • White label or Serenytics-branded, that's your choice.
  • Create template apps that you can clone and edit for your new customers.
  • Configure everything everything through the Serenytics API and JSON files.
  • We can provide professional services to build your apps, from scratch or only for the Low-Code parts.
  • Gold support with direct contact engineering with our team (email, phone and screen sharing).