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Key features

Create data flows
  • Connect all your data sources (SQL servers, files, API, Google Analytics...).
  • Transform your data with our ETL within a few clicks (aggregate, filter, add columns, join tables...)
  • Benefit from the AWS Redshift datawarehouse embedded within your Serenytics account (up to 1 billion rows).
  • Schedule your data flows.

Add formulas without SQL
  • Enrich your data with new columns (using our Excel-like formulas).
  • Benefit from our formula library (date processing, rankings, string manipulation...)
  • Use dynamic filtering on dates (e.g. to keep only the current month rows of a table).
  • Easily create your KPI (e.g. growth rate of your turnover computed in year-to-date, this year vs last year).

Create and share your dashboards
  • Create dashboards with the easy-to-use Serenytics studio.
  • Configure each widget of our library in a few clicks (barchart, curves, simple table, folded table, pivot table...)
  • Add dynamic filters to allow a viewer to filter data.
  • Share dashboards to your team so they can track their KPI.
serenytics studio

Advanced features

import serenytics
import pandas as pd

# create the serenytics client
client = serenytics.Client()

# get the source object providing the input data
input_source = client.get_data_source_by_name(name='my-sql-table')

# query the input data in a pandas dataframe
df = input_source.get_data().get_as_dataframe()


# load the data in the Serenytics internal data-warehouse
output_source = client.get_or_create_storage_data_source_by_name(
name="output data storage")
Run Python scripts
  • Add any new data processing you need by adding your own Python code.
  • Scripts are run on the Serenytics servers, in the Cloud.
  • Schedule your scripts and integrate them in the dataflow exactly as any other data processing from the Serenyics library.
  • Use classic Python libraries such as pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, requests...
  • Use the Python serenytics module to get data from your configured data-sources in a pandas dataframe, to load data into a Redshift table, to send an email...

Add formulas directly in your dashboards
  • Apply formulas just before they are displayed in a table (e.g. to divide a column by another one).
  • Add conditional formating in a few clicks to write your own conditional formula (e.g. to show a red flag icon if a value is below the value of another column).
  • Create clickable fields that will redirect the dashboard viewer to another application (e.g. to the Salesforce page of a deal).
  • You can even dynamically generate the HTML content of a cell to display exactly what you want.

Why should I use Serenytics?

  • Both data preparation and data vizualisation are included within Serenyics.
  • You don't need to setup and learn several tools (e.g, an ETL, a datawarehoue and a dataviz tool).
  • All the features, the simplest ones as the most advanced ones, are included in our Cloud app. Unlike most competitors, you will never have to install a server version to get access to some features.
  • No version upgrade, no migration, no backup to manage yourself, everything is included and transparent.
  • Create internal or external users adapted to their role (admin, data-engineer, data-scientist, business analyst, viewer).
  • Limit data permissions and features to users.
Remote support
  • As soon as an error is detected by our monitoring probes on your account, we can help you to fix the issue remotely. You do not need a dedicated person to manage your data platform.
  • You can contact our support team directly from our app with our embedded tchat.
  • Using our embedded Python module, you can easily add new data processing features. And because Python provides so many libraries, you can add any processing you need (e.g. send an email with data, use a currency converter, scrap data from a website...).
  • You benefit from the embedded AWS Redshift datawarehouse.
  • Some of our projects run on tables with more than 500M rows.

Who is it for?

For any team or company who wants to become data-driven
  • Serenytics is used by corporates with 20 peoples manipulating data and sharing dashboards to hundreds of viewers. But it is also used by small companies where a single data-analyst creates all the dashboards for a few viewers.
  • Using Serenytics, you create the habit to keep track of all your processes using dashboards and a ROI approach.
  • Because Serenytics is simple, you quickly develop your skills to create dashboards. It becomes very easy to add new dashboards whenever there is a need.
  • You can start with just a few dashboards in a team and then spread to your whole company.

For software editors
  • Create dashboards and embed them in your app, without any complexity.
  • Use CSS to design the dashboards exactly as your app.
  • Filter dashboards data according to the user connected within your app (using Single-Sign-On)
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