Business intelligence platform
With Serenytics, it is very simple to explore your data and create beautiful dashboards. For your advanced needs, you benefit from a full-featured platform (Python code runner, scheduler, dashboard embedding, REST API, embedded datawarehouse, rich web-apps components,...).
Trusted by hundreds of companies
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Create and share beautiful dashboards
Create dashboards with our easy-to-use Studio. Create bar-charts, line-charts, KPIs to track data from all your sources (Ads, operation, sales...). Share your results to your teams, they don’t need to install anything to view it. Everything is updated automatically.
Automate your workflows
Without code, connect all your data sources (SQL servers, files, API, Google Analytics...), aggregate data, add formulas, create joins and centralize it in the embedded datawarehouse. In a few clicks, you automate all your data flows and all your other tasks (exports, alarms, PDF generations, emails...).
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With Low-code, everything is possible
For custom needs, use the Low-Code features. Execute any Python code to manipulate your data (e.g. custom imports from API, emails with data in body). Create custom dynamic widgets for your dashboards in HTML. Create rich webapps with buttons, sliders, input fields and selectors.
Why should you use Serenytics?
  • Serenytics has data preparation, data vizualisation, a job scheduler, a Python executor...
  • You don't need to learn, setup and maintain several tools (an ETL, a data-warehouse, a dataviz tool, crontabs).
  • In the end, with Serenytics, you don't need a team of data-engineers to maintain your data-platform.
Cloud or on-premises
  • All the features, from the simplest to the most advanced, are included in our Cloud app.
  • Or install it on your servers, to ensure all your data stays behind your firewall.
  • Create internal or external user logins adapted to their role (admin, data-engineer, data-scientist, business analyst, viewer).
  • Limit data permissions and features to users.
Gold support
  • Our team usually responds to support requests within one hour.
  • In most case, we can fix the issue directly for you on your account. It's like having a Serenytics expert in your team.
  • Using our embedded Python module, you can easily add new data processing features. And because Python provides so many libraries, you can add any processing you need (e.g. send an email with data, use a currency converter, scrap data from a website...).
  • You can also use CSS to exactly customize your dashboards design.
  • You benefit from the embedded AWS Redshift datawarehouse.
  • Some of our projects run on tables with more than 500M rows.

Who is it for?
For any team or company that wants to become data-driven
  • Using Serenytics, you create the habit of keeping track of all your processes using dashboards and a ROI approach.
  • Because Serenytics is easy to use, you quickly develop your skills to create dashboards. It becomes very easy to add new dashboards whenever there is a need.
  • You can start with just a few dashboards in a team and then spread to your whole company.
For software publishers
  • Create dashboards and embed them in your app, without any complexity.
  • Use CSS to design the dashboards exactly as your app.
  • Filter dashboards data according to the user connected within your app (using Single-Sign-On).
  • If you want, download our docker containers and install Serenytics on your servers.
  • We can also create a customized version for your needs (e.g. extra connectors, custom automation).