Embedded Analytics

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How integrating Serenytics into the Smartecard® platform is central to customer acquisition and retention for MosaicMaker
MosaicMaker is a relationship marketing agency that supports brands in implementing their hyper-personalized omnichannel communication strategies, drawing on its consulting expertise and Smartecard®, its data-driven relationship platform.
MosaicMaker has chosen to integrate dashboards created with Serenytics into its white-label Smartecard® application, in order to provide its customers with customized dashboards to enable them to recruit users, build loyalty and track sales performance in real time.
A competitive edge that makes all the difference
Data management is a key component of the Smartecard® offering. That's why, right from the design phase, MosaicMaker looked for the best solution on the market capable of collecting its customers' sales data from heterogeneous systems (CRM, management applications, cash register software, e-commerce sites, wallet applications, etc.) and rendering it in a readable form, in the form of actionable KPIs, to steer their customers' actions.
"The integration of Serenytics into our platform is an essential innovation lever that enables us to offer our customers a complete solution, and contributes to the adoption of our platform by our customers. For a long time, this approach was an advantage over the competition, as we were the only ones to offer such a complete range," says Isabelle Masson, founder of MosaicMaker and the Smartecard® solution.
Getting to grips with Serenytics very quickly
After being trained in Serenytics, SmarteCard®'s non-technical teams were able to create their first dashboards within a few weeks
"The Serenytics solution onboarding phase went very smoothly and quickly. Our technical teams appreciated the technical quality of the Serenytics tool during the heterogeneous data connection phase. As for our non-technical teams, they quickly became autonomous in building intelligent KPIs," adds Isabelle Masson.
Daily use by non-technical staff
Isabelle Masson explains, "The great strength of the Serenytics tool is that it is intuitive and easy to use. This enables our marketers with no technical knowledge to use Serenytics on a daily basis, and to achieve 80% of the KPIs for our customers, in complete autonomy".
Most of the KPIs achieved for Smartecard® customers are very simple to create: average purchase basket, purchase frequency, active customers, top brand and top volume by product and by value.
The tool's flexibility also enables more elaborate KPIs to be created, in tabular form, by coupling together data from heterogeneous sources, for example, the breakdown of coupled KPIs by point of sale, by geographical area, by device, etc. The tool has no limits.
Increased collaboration with customers to manage their activities and make better decisions
Thanks to the integration of Serenytics into the Smartecard® platform, customers now have access to a real-time view of their business. They can calculate the ROI of their actions at any time, and steer their business. The tool is tailored to each customer's specific business KPIs. The dashboards are highly intuitive, making data analysis and decision-making easy.
"Providing our customers with the Serenytics tool to create and visualize their data is a major gain in the management of their business: they have reliable data in real time to monitor their actions, understand the reality on the ground in relation to the brands' central vision, be alerted in the event of problems and produce informed analyses. It's a collaborative working tool between our customers and our marketers, providing the flexibility and responsiveness needed to closely monitor the performance of operations and build future development strategies," analyzes Isabelle Masson.
Isabelle Masson concludes: "During the launch phase of our marketing platform, which mobilized all our developers, calling on Serenytics for the data management part saved us time and enabled us to enhance our product with an innovative, easy-to-use and highly intuitive dashboard solution.