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Supply chain issues tracker for a beer distributor

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Logistics - stocks

EY Adameo is a consulting firm specialized in providing solutions in supply chain.

Their customer for this project is a beer distributor, with products coming from 30 breweries. There are frequent stock issues because of the lack of information sharing between him, the breweries and the logistics platform.

The goal was to build and app to share logistics data between people involded in the project, for example:

  • Outdated products in stock
  • Products in stocked close to being outdated
  • Stock with quality issues
  • Returned products
  • Daily deliveries / orders

Today, these apps are an operational tool for these 3 partners.

App creation

On this project, a non-developer consultant of EY-Adameo achieved all the steps of the project.

One difficulty was the diversity of the information systems to query. Data is coming from the ERP M3 One, from Microsoft Dynamics and from the WMS Locus.

Technically, these imports are done through a SOAP API and from CSV exported to an SFTP server. Then, steps of datapreparation clean and gather this data in the Serenytics internal datawahouse.

Then, dashboards have been created and shared to several users (with different permission). They are mostly showing tables with filters.

Logistics - stocks
Advantages of Serenytics for this project

One Serenytics strength for this type of project is that it does not increase the workload for any IT team. Everything is available on our platform (the datawarehouse, the SFTP server, the dataviz).

The LowCode feature to run Python code was also very important to load data from the SOAP API.

The permission settings allow to easily restrict data accesses among users.

And because Serenytics is simple to use, a consultant did the project setup without any difficulty. We only provided support when needed.

Want to know more?

You want to know more on this type of project? Contact us at contact@serenytics.com.