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CoorpAcademy is a SaaS to create eLearning solutions for corporates. They wanted to add dashboards within their app to shows KPIs on the courses taken by users (e.g. completion rate, favourite courses, common errors).

The main goal of CoorpAcademy was to avoid an internal development for this module. As a first sight, it can appear simple (get a charting library, and insert it in your code), but there are many difficulties: handle the load (availability & performance), allow dynamic filters, exports in PDF, XLS, CSV, customized widgets, cache engine).


On this project, the customer achieved everything by itself, Serenytics only provided support.

The very first step was to setup a slave SQL database. This database is the one queried by the dashboards. With this option, dashboards are 'live'. This means thats as soon as data is modified by a user, it is reflected in the dashboards.

For dashboards creation, the feature to edit the CSS was particularly important. It allows to create a dashboard with a design that is identical to the parent application design (fonts, colors, shadows).

Dashboards have been embedded in the Coorp Academy app through iFrames (with a JS component to ensure resizing is handled correctly). Beyond the iFrame, there is a security layer to ensure dashboards are not visible outside of the application and that a user cannot access data he's not allowed to see. This part requires to write a few lines of code in the parent application backend (provided in the Serenytics documentation).


The screenshots below are taken from the CoorpAcademy application, with embedded Serenytics dashboards. The top and left bars are from the CoorpAcademy app. Only the central part is a Serenytics dashboard. The end-user does not feel that the dashboard is served by an external application.

CoorpAcademy - screenshot5
CoorpAcademy - screenshot3
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