Chain automations

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The chain automations feature

In Serenytics a "chain automations" job is a particular type of automation dedicated to run a list of other automations, one after the other. Like any other automation, it can be scheduled.

In many projects, there is only one scheduled automation and this is a "chain automations" which is responsible for triggering all the automations required for the project (e.g. load all the data, run all the ETL steps and preload the dashboard cache).

For large projects, you can also have a "chain automation" which triggers other "chain automations" jobs. Each of these "child" automations will be responsible for one type of process (e.g. one to load all the data, one for the cleanups, one for the ETL steps...).

Create a "chain automations" job

In the automation menu, click on the "New Automation" button and select "Chain automations":

Create a chain automations

Then, add all the automations you want to be triggered by this job:

Typical configuration of a chain task

Use the arrow on the right of each child automation if you need to move it in the list (the automation at the top will be run first).

Schedule a "chain automations"

Like any other automation, it can be scheduled in the "Execution" tab:

Scheduling of a chain task

If a child automation is triggered by a scheduled "chain automations" job, the child automation should not be scheduled itself (it will be run by the chain task).

You can quickly see which automations are scheduled in the list of automations. If an automation is scheduled, there is a small timer icon beside its name (within the red circle in the capture below):

Scheduled automations have a timer icon