Web Analytics

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Serenytics benefits

Traditional Web Analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) already provide reporting modules. By using Serenytics, you can further analyze and automate your work:

  • You can cross the data, for example between Google Analytics numbers and monthly goals set in an Excel file.
  • You can also import data from your marketing campaign software or a CRM to calculate on the same dashboard other indicators (like the history of the rate of active customers over the last 12 months, the rate of potential churners ...).
  • You can compare KPIs over specific time periods. For example, compare your eCommerce results for Valentine's Day over the past three years.
  • You can easily create tables of Excel type where each cell displays a precise indicator, and its variation compared to the previous period.
  • You can automate your PDF reports with email sending (for example, every Monday morning and early month). You do not have to do anything to update your reports.
  • You can set up alarms on your data. For example, you can receive an email if the turnover of your eCommerce site is below a threshold set per hour.

For you or your clients

You can use dashboards created on internal data, but also set up this reporting for your customers. In this case, you can fully configure the dashboard to respect the customer's graphic design. You can also provide to your customers your own Serenytics login page, branded with your company name and logo.