Small and medium companies
Make informed decisions, at the right time
Serenytics is the solution used by internal teams who pilot all their processes through data, in agile and collaborative mode, with dashboards.
The strengths for your company
  • Put data at the center of all your strategic decisions
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Efficiently manage all your business processes
  • Allow your non-technical teams to create the dashboards they need in a few clicks and independently
  • Communicate effectively internally
  • Reduce your costs by setting up your dashboards without the need for an expensive tech/data team.
How does it work?
  • Step 1
    I prepare and enrich my data
  • Step 2
    I create my dashboards
  • Step 3
    I automate and pilot
Step 1 I prepare and enrich my data
  • I connect all types of data sources: SQL databases, files, data from APIs or web services. Read more
  • I quickly check the connected data with the Preview function and enrich them: without technical knowledge, I can add new columns using the formula engine Read more
  • I create data transformation steps: I import, store and transform data directly in the platform using an integrated data warehouse (AWS Redshift or PostGreSQL). Read more
  • I automate the data import frequency with the automation or scheduler module. Read more
  • I make data joins.
  • I visualize all the data flow steps with the Flow menu.
Step 2 I create my dashboards
  • I choose my graphic element of data visualization among more than 35 available widgets (curves, histograms, tables ...).
  • I select the datasets to use
  • I configure the dashboard fields and add dynamic filters and widgets
  • Je définis à qui et de quelle manière je partage le dashboard.
Step 3 I automate and pilot
  • I generate the PDF of a dashboard and automatically distribute it by email or share it via the web
  • I automate data transformation steps
  • I automatically upload .xls files from an SFTP at the desired frequency
  • I automate the sending of an email with KPIs
  • I integrate a Python script and schedule it for specific needs
  • I drive all the features with the Serenytics REST API: triggering scripts, clearing cache, adding users, loading data, etc.
Adapted to each profile

Very easy to use and intuitive, the Serenytics platform allows your teams to quickly develop their data skills and create dashboards in agile mode as soon as a need appears.

Our tool adapts to your company's user profiles. No technical knowledge is required to add viewing widgets, dynamic filters, action buttons and downloadable files.

The more technical profiles will appreciate the possibility to add lines of code in Serenytics to generate dynamic links to other dashboards or applications, create custom KPIs in HTML/CCS with conditional display, link dynamic filters to variables and use these variables in their HTML/CSS.