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How to create and share dashboards to your customers?
Option 1: Embedding Analytics

In Embedding Analytics, you create dashboards in Serenytics and then those dashboards are embedded securely directly into your app. Your customers do not need to log in into Serenytics. We do not even need to know their logins. Usually, when a dashboard is opened in your app, you pass filters to it, so it only shows the data available to the user logged in your app. For example, you can pass the accountId, a businessUnitId or a customerId. These values are then used to filter the Serenytics dashboard shown within your app.

Option 2: Share with login/password

If you create many dashboards or very customized ones, you may want to share it only to a few users. In this case, you can just share it to some users (or a group of users). The users will need to log into (or a custom domain such as to open the dashboards.
Within a Serenytics account, you can share some dashboards (e.g. your most common ones) as embedded dashboards within your app, and some others with logins/passwords.

Single or multi account?
Option 1: Single-account

If you have a single Serenytics account, your team members will be the only dashboards creators. This is the most common option to create dashboards for your customers. With this option, your customers cannot create themselves their dashboards.

Option 2: Multi-accounts

With this licence, you can create as many Serenytics accounts as you want (usually one account by customer). The best setup is to install the platform behind a dedicated URL in your domain, for example:
With this option, your customers can even create their own dashboards with Serenytics.
For example, when you have a new company purchasing your product or service, you can propose them a dedicated account in your Serenytics platform. You can pre-load data-connectors to their data in your system, and pre-configure common dashboards. But they (or your service team) will be able to create new customized dashboards for them.
By using a dedicated account, you're sure their work is in a totally isolated environment.
Serenytics has several dedicated options to manage such multi-accounts setups. For example, your support team can have super-admin logins to switch from one account to another one. We provide a tool to clone all objects (datasources/dashboards/jobs) from an account to another one. This is useful to fill the initial account of a new customer.

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