Features Overview

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Serenytics is like a toolbox to create dashboards as quickly and simply as possible. So there are a lot of features available. Here is a short summary of the main features to grasp the high level picture.
  • Data Connectors: connectors to access to your data (SQL, REST API, files...) within Serenytics.
  • Internal Datawarehouse: SQL database within Serenytics that can be used to store many types of data:
    • Results from forms
    • Copy of parts of your data to be available for a given app
    • Result of data transformations
    • Messages pushed to the Serenytics API
    • Data loaded from files (e.g. XLS files on a SFTP)
  • App studio: an app editor where you can edit your apps using components:
    • Navigation (i.e. tabs)
    • Visualisation widgets (barchart, piecharts, tables...)
    • Buttons to trigger actions (file download, navigation, script execution...)
    • Forms
    • Variable engine: advanced behaviors can be obtained by using variables (which can be modified by filters and buttons).
  • Job scheduler: schedule many types of jobs on a regular basis (e.g. every hour) including:
    • Sending an email with a PDF
    • Transforming data and store the result in the internal Datawarehouse
    • Running a Python script
  • Email engine: send emails from an App or from a job
  • PDF generation: any app can be printed to a PDF file (and apps can be configured by variables e.g. to generate purchase orders).
  • Static files: files you can upload in Serenytics and that are downloadable by apps' users.