Cache Engine

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Configure our cache engine very easily

By default, the Serenytics dashboards are live. This means that every time the dashboard is loaded, the system that contains the data will be queried to get the latest data. But for performance reasons, you can configure our cache system.

If the cache is enabled, regardless of your data volume, loading a dashboard will be almost immediate. For example, you can decide to enable a 24-hour cache on a data source. In this case, the data source will be queried the first time the dashboard is loaded and the results will be stored in cache. During the subsequent loading of this dashboard (within 24 hours of the first loading), the dashboard will load its data directly from the cache and will therefore be very fast to load.

Automatically reload the cache of a dashboard

You can decide to reload the cache of a dashboard by an automated task, programmed with the scheduler. This allows you to reload the cache of a dashboard every night. During the day, no calculation will be made by the dashboard. All queries will have their results cached. The dashboard will then have an almost instant loading for the users.