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General questions
Who is the Serenytics platform for?

The NoCode/LowCode Serenytics platform is designed for solutions providers who want to create apps (or parts of their app) for their customers without the complexity, cost and delay of a classic software development process.
We have customers in many markets: supply chain, marketing, construction industry... Some customers are software vendors who only use Serenytics for a module of their app (e.g. dashboards) while other are providing services and use Serenytics to couple their services with apps built with Serenytics.

What type of app can I create with Serenytics?

The Serenytics platform lets you create many types of apps. The simplest apps are dashboards. You can also create apps where the user enters data (e.g. with forms). You can create apps to manage backend processes (send emails, pdf, reports...). And of course, you can combine all those types. Contact-us to get a demo of all those types of apps.

What is NoCode?

In a classic development project, when you create an app, you usually need to write a lot of code, sometimes with several languages (e.g. Python, Javascript, HTML...). You also need to use several technologies (e.g. PostGreSQL, Redis, Docker, AWS...) and to manage the deployment of your app. Those two last points are named the 'stack' of your application.
Writing code and mastering (and maintaining) a stack is complicated and you need full-stack developers, or a team of developers (e.g. a front-end dev, a back-end dev). And those developers are hard to find, harder to keep and they are expensive.
With a NoCode platform, apps can be built using existing blocks without writing code. Underlying technologies and deployment are handled transparently by the platform.
As a result, someone without development skills can create and deploy apps in production.

What is LowCode and why Serenytics is a NoCode/LowCode platform and not only a NoCode platform?

In a perfect world, all the apps could be written in NoCode by non dev people.
But sometimes, there is a more complex or custom feature that you absolutely need in your app and it is not feasible in NoCode. When this happens in a pure NoCode platform, you're blocked. You need to throw away all you NoCode work and rebuild your app with code. This is painful.
With a LowCode platform, you can inject parts of code in many places of your app. This code is as simple and isolated as possible. But at least, you can do it, and you're not blocked anymore.
In Serenytics, there are many places where you can inject Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL. Because it is only small pieces of code, an entry-level developer can do it. Or we can do it with our professional services team. In any case, it is still a lot simpler than having to write a full app with code, from scratch.

What share of apps can I build in NoCode, without writing any LowCode?

It's hard to answer this question as it depends much of the apps you want to build. Many apps do not require LowCode at all. But having the LowCode option is critical as it ensures you that you won't hit a wall, there will be an option to enable your advanced feature. Anyway, the best option is to contact us for a demo and we will analyze together the apps you want to build.

Is it complicated to embed an app Serenytics (e.g. a dashboard) within my main app?

Embedding an app within another app is very simple. You just need to add a few lines of code in your app to secure the embedding. We have a step by step documentation to achieve that.
Experienced developers usually add this embedding within a few hours.

Who can create apps?

For most apps, a consultant, project manager or product manager is the good person. They don't need to master any programming language. Being tech-savvy is definitely a plus. For advanced apps (where you need LowCode), you will require someone who knows Javascript or Python. But then, the goal of Serenytics is to simplify the code. So you don't need a rock-star full-stack developer. You just need someone who knows the basics of those languages and who knows how to write small pieces of clean code. And in those cases, using some help from an IA such as ChatGPT works very well.

How can I learn to create app?

The best option is to watch our video tutorials. We have plenty of them on our website with practical use cases. So you can train yourself by watching those videos.
And our support is available by email, phone or video-calls (where we can share screens).
We also have a detailed documentation. But is is usually more efficient to start with tutorials and to use this documentation only to answer to precise questions.

Can you help me to build apps?

Yes, our professional services team can help you to fully build your app, or just help you with the LowCode parts. Please contact-us to discuss your needs.

Is there an onboarding program?

Our premium onboarding program included in our offerings guarantees a successful implementation of your project. This includes:

  • A deployment in project mode that lasts 4 weeks during which we accompany you.
  • A weekly 30-minute project follow-up.
  • A first 2-hour session to introduce your team to apps creation.
  • A second 2-hour session to turn your team into apps creation experts.
  • If required, a 1 hour technical training session for your technical team to embed the created app into your app.
  • Our experts are available for screen sharing sessions for support on specific issues.
Where is the Serenytics product developed and where is the support located?

The Serenytics product is made in France. It is developed in Paris by a team of experienced software engineers. The support is provided by a dedicated team, internal to the company, located in Paris.

I want a perpetual license, is it possible?

We have many types of licences (from monthly subscription to on-prem perpetual licence), hosted by us in the Cloud, or hosted by you on your servers. Please contact-us to discuss your needs.

Technical configuration
I want to install Serenytics on my servers, is it possible?

The default version is hosted in the cloud but it is possible to install Serenytics on your servers behind your firewall with a user license. Get a quote for an on-premise version by contacting-us.

Is it easy to install?

In the cloud version, there is nothing to install, Serenytics manages everything for you. In the on-premise version, the installation is done in 10 minutes by following our step by step documentation. Our platform is based on Docker containers. For an on-premise installation, you just have to run these containers (we provide a default configuration). But you can customize the installation according to your needs (for example under Kubernetes).

In an on-premise installation, can I configure the database used by Serenytics to store Serenytics objects (apps, datasources...)?

The objects (apps/source configuration...) are stored in a PostGreSQL database. By default, we provide a pre-configured Docker container. But you are free to choose a database server that you host (for example hosted by your Cloud provider, with redundancy and backups).

For any other question, please contact us at: contact@serenytics.com.