Data Marketing

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Extract insights from your customers

Serenytics allows you to get to know your customer base and their behaviors. This knowledge is fundamental to make progress on your marketing actions and your strategic choices.

Without technical knowledge, a person in your marketing team can set up simple indicators such as:

  • Evolution of the customer database
  • Sales by segment
  • Analysis of monthly sales by age of customers groups

A data analyst will be able to set up more advanced analyses such as:

  • Number of active clients per month
  • Number of passive customers who have become active again
  • Number of potential churners

For each of these measurements, you can generate its history to study its evolution.

Your data

Whatever your internal system (Adobe Campaign, Selligent, CRM, SEO, SEA, SEM, SQL databases ...), you can connect your customer data, campaigns and orders in Serenytics.

On Data Marketing projects, Serenytics is often configured to update data once a day, typically at night.

Our solution is Cloud and integrates simplified modules of data synchronization (for example for loadings from an SFTP). In half a day, your data transfer process between your system and Serenytics is in place and you can start the analyses.

Serenytics Benefits

  • You can perform all pre-processing of your data directly in Serenytics (cleaning, joins, adding calculated columns ...).
  • The project setup is very fast (everything is cloud, you have nothing to install).
  • You can generate the time history of behavioral functions of your clients (for example: "Has been active in the past 12 months").
  • Your dashboards are automatically updated daily. You can email them automatically.
  • You can export a list of client ids for action (for example, to send special offers to inactive customers (potential churners)).
  • In case you have very advanced need for an analysis, an expert can implement a data analysis in Python.